Earn Associate Badge

  1. Complete Service Manager University

Earn Soldier Badge (30 – 80 Days)

  1. Complete Service Advisor Training
  2. Watch Visionary Road Map I and II
    • Manager outlines Customer Process
    • Manager assembles Executive Fixed-Ops Council
    • Council Evaluates Team
      • Assign roles for Customer Experience
        • Greeter, Drive Support personnel, Customer Service Representatives

  3. Watch and Perform One Hour of Labor
    • Perform Exercise Repeatedly
      • Use sheets provided

  4. Format Pay-plans/Set Minimum Requirements
    • Pay-Plans: CCI recommends structuring based on Sales
      • Gross can be used but results are best in format of Sales
    • Minimum Requirements: Minimum Standard for positions in Department
      • Advisors Example: Minimum of $X,000 in CP sales, CSI Min standard
      • Technician Example: Minimum % of Efficiency (NOT Proficiency)

  5. Set up Maintenance Menus
    • Once you Identified the One Hour Labor Projection Goal
      • Use that projection number to format your range in ELR for each maintenance item
        • Minimum ELR to start at projection number then go up to 130% of projected ELR Goal
          • Example: Projection ELR to achieve 20 – 30% Net to Gross

  6. Set up Daily Tracking Sheet
    • Used to identify performance goals and achievements
      • Department Tracking and Goals
      • Advisor Tracking and Goals

Earn Capo Badge (80 – 130 days)

  1. Visionary Roadmap Stage II
    • Share Vision and Process format with all Employees
    • Execute a plan to launch with your team
      • Begin practicing processes

  2. Service Drive Judo
    • Staff and supplies setup
    • Greeting process initialized

  3. Morning Meetings Commence
    • Music
    • Daily Tracking Sheet
    • Games

  4. Dispatch/Team Structure
    • Set 3-4 person Tech Teams per Advisor (or 6 techs per 2 Advisor Team)

  5. MPI/Health Inspection Process
    • Provide format for Multi Point Inspections
      • Printed sheet or electronic
      • Timed
        • Process for maximium efficiency
          • Process for Maximum Efficiency
            • FF/FE: Fail Fast to Fix Early

  6. Gamification
    • Play Tech Games
      • Dice Rolls, Bozo Buckets, Etc.
        • Pay out a Dice Roll for every MPI up-sale of $100 – $300
        • Play Games once a week
          • Best done on Fridays before lunch
    • Play Advisor Games
      • Jenga, Card Games, Nerf Guns
        • Part of Morning Meetings
        • Use Maintenance Items as Game Marks
        • Split Pots to engage Team play

  7. Perform Opportunity Reports
    • Sample 5 -10 Repair Orders per Advisor
      • Use the guideline Items
        • Maintenance Menu
        • Maintenance Intervals
        • Check Document Requirements
          • Customer Information
          • Signatures
    • Goal: Transition from Neglected Items to Declined Items to Sold Items
      • Its normal to see 90% + on Neglected Items when first performing this task
      • When your team is documenting recommendations, it assists in consistency and retention

  8. Submit for Signature Coaching Upgrade

Earn Underboss Badge (130 – 180 Days)

  1. Visionary Roadmap Stage III
    • Launch Process
    • Attempt, Observe, Review, Adjust, Repeat
      • Attempt Full Launch
      • Observe the process
      • Review the process
        • Gather Executive Team and discuss pros and cons of the system
      • Make Adjustments
        • Modify process and reassign positions to ensure effectiveness
      • Repeat Process
        • Apply modified Process and Evaluate Success

  2. Monthly Goals Exercise
    • Set Monthly Goals with your Advisors
      • Use the sheet provided for you in Advisor Log Books
      • Make Advisor fill out their Sheet and make a copy
      • Use Sheet as a Reference Tool of Performance for periods of time

  3. Enter National COMP
    • CCI Platform used to evaluate performance among other CCI clients within their groups
      • Example: Japanese Imports, American Group, Highline/Luxury Group, Etc
    • Tool to identify flaws of performance and create atmosphere of competition
      • Must enter numbers bi-weekly (Tuesday/Thursday)
      • Ranking released Bi-Weekly
      • Top Dog Manager and Top Dog Advisor receives monetary prize and bulldog statue

  4. Perform Efficiency Analysis
    • Time Quick Lube processes
    • Identify Key to Key Efficiency
      • What’s the throughput rate based on when customer hands over keys and department hands keys back to customer
    • Tech Efficiency Goal Setting

  5. Perform SMART Goal Setting Technique
    • Identify Personal Goals each Advisor/technician
      • What memorable/Tangible item do they want
      • Structure Goals around them achieving their Goals
      • Set Timeline to achieve Goal

  6. Identify NEW One Hour of Labor
    • Perform One Hour of Labor Analysis
      • Set goal at 30% + Net to Gross
      • Reverse Engineer to Identify Goal
        • Set $/RO to achieve level of profitability
          • Labor Dollars is key to achieve level goal
      • Make Adjustments to Pricing

  7. Achieve at least one of the following:
    • Win Manager’s COMP (1 Month)
    • Net to Gross within 25% of NADA/CADA Guidelines
    • Dealership Service CSI score 1pt above National Average

Elite Level (Submission Qualifiers to be Considered into Elite)

  1. Must achieve all 3:
    • Win Manager’s COMP (1 Month)
    • Net to Gross within 25% of NADA/CADA Guidelines
    • Dealership Service CSI 1pt above National Average

  2. Financial and Operations Review by Elite Members
  3. ELR Analysis Review by Elite Members